Step 6 - Approval and Proofing

Once all your webpages are loaded, contact We'll get the proofing process started.

  1. Assign launch date.

    Who? Web Services

    We'll assign an official launch date based on how much proofing needs to be done. Launches are always scheduled mid-day on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

    Along with assigning the launch date, Web Services will send out an email to both teams letting them know the date and time of the scheduled launch.

  2. Conduct loading proof.

    Who? Web Services

    Your chief editor in Web Services will proof all of your webpages before they're published.

    What are we proofing for? Here's a quick list:

    • Proper use of headings
    • General webpage formatting—no strange gaps or spaces, no empty bullets, paragraph spacing, etc.
    • Working links
    • Web writing standards—things like: Are lists in paragraphs or bulleted lists? Are we using keyword phrases for our links? Do headings let readers know what's underneath? Are our pages scannable?
    • Missing page elements (title, id, description, body)

    We'll add a new column to the master grid called "WS proof." Here we'll note any major questions or changes, and we'll initial off the pages as we go.

  3. Create redirects.

    Who? Cascade Author

    While Web Services proofs, you, the Cascade author, will create a list of redirects.

    What is a redirect? On the web, pages are moving around all the time as we change and adjust architecture. A redirect is something we put in place that automatically jumps visitors to a new page if they've hit an old url.

    On a new spreadsheet, create 2 columns. In the first column list the full url for each page of your old site. In the second column list the corresponding url on the new site. See a sample redirect list (xls).

  4. Conduct final office proof.

    Who? Cascade Author

    You will conduct a final proof in your office. Create a new column on the master grid for "Office final proof." Initial off as you proof the pages—or respond to any questions that have been posed by Web Services.

    Your office may feel comfortable with you completing the final proof or you might prefer to have others proof certain pages depending on their roles/expertise.

    Feel free to come up with whatever system works to ensure that the right people are involved.

  5. Send out a launch prep email.

    Who? Web Services

    Once your office has updated and signed off on all the pages, our team will send out an email to both teams prepping them for launch.

    We'll remind folks of the date and time, as well as provide instructions for what to do if issues arise surrounding launch.

  6. Final publish.

    Who? Web Services

    The Chief Editor designated for your area will review all of the approved pages, do a last proof, and publish them live. This will likely take place a day or two before launch.

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