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Send some love and a note of encouragement to a Bethel student for Valentine's Day!

Gift Details

Each year, the Office of Alumni and Family Relations provides the opportunity to order a special Valentine's Day gift for your student.

This year, the gift includes a 16-ounce, double-walled, acrylic Bethel University tumbler, an assortment of Valentine candies, and a personal message from you.

The Alumni and Family Relations team will assemble each gift, add your note, and present it to your student. Students will receive both an email and a notice in their PO Box instructing them to pick up their gift in Brushaber Commons. Gift pick-up will take place Tuesday, February 13, and Wedenesday, February 14, 2018.



Each dollar you give over that amount supports Bethel faculty grants.

What are Faculty Grants?

Faculty grants give Bethel professors the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of their professions and enrich academic instruction in the classroom. Last year, caring parents donated more than $4,000 to this fund.

These gifts allowed faculty to:

  • Purchase state-of-the-art lab equipment
  • Attend professional development conferences
  • Conduct important research

Thanks for contributing to this special program. Bethel professors are grateful for support from parents and families!

Order Your Gift

Online ordering for Valentine's Day gifts will be open through Wednesday, February 7. Order a gift for your Bethel student today!


Please contact the Office of Alumni and Family Relations at 651.638.6462 or parents@bethel.edu.

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