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While we are sad to see you go, here is the information you need to transition out of your role at Bethel.

  1. Notify your supervisor of your resignation or retirement. 
    • schedule time to discuss with your supervisor the following:
      • status of current projects
      • any pressing concerns related to your role
      • desired end date
      • an updated manual for your position
  2. Forward your letter of resignation or retirement to the Office of People and Culture (OPC) people-culture@bethel.edu.
    • Please include your last day of employment
  3. Review the Preparing to Leave Bethel Booklet which includes information regarding:
    • returning your Bethel technology
    • losing IT access 
    • healthcare benefits end date
    • continuation of benefits coverage option
    • last paycheck
    • a variety of logistics such as returning Bethel credit card, turning in keys, etc. 
  4. If needed, schedule an appointment with the benefits administrator in OPC to ask specific questions regarding benefits and/or retirement.
  5. OPC will send an invitation for an exit interview. 

If you have any questions please reach out to OPC.