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For those who value working at Bethel, we’d love to see you stay and invest your talents and skills in new ways!

Transferring within your department as well as various divisions of Bethel is highly encouraged. Once you have mastered one job, begin looking for energizing new roles in other areas of the university. 

 If you are interested in trying something new, here’s the process to follow:

  • Discuss common career paths with OPC
  • Search open positions
  • Apply for jobs that interest you
  • Inform your current supervisor when you are offered an interview
  • Complete the Internal Transfer Checklist when you accept the new role


When someone transfers out of or into your area, there are a number of tasks to oversee. The below checklists were created in order to help you transition someone out of your area as well as into your area.

If you have any questions about this information, please reach out to the Business Partner in OPC.

  • Checklist when an employee leaves your area
  • Checklist when an employee transfers into your area