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Welcome to Bethel! We're so glad you're here.

To help you get started as a new employee you will be a part of our onboarding program.

Bethel Onboarding program 1. Royal Beginnings happens on your day one at Bethel. 2. Check-ins happen at your week one, month one, month two, month four, and month six at Bethel. 3. An onboarding connection event happens within your first four months at Bethel. 4. The Bethel celebration happens around your month six at Bethel!

During Royal Beginnings and the first month at Bethel you will learn a lot about Bethel and what you need to do to be set up for success. In your first 30 days you will complete your benefit paperwork (if applicable) and complete all of your training for the office of People and Culture through the New Employee Experience Course

You will also be invited to one of our Onboarding Connection Events to meet other new employees, learn more about our mission, vision and strategic framework, and meet more people and departments at Bethel. 

Finally, we will conclude your onboarding with our office at an event called a Bethel Celebration. At this event your supervisor will share what they appreciate about you so the community can get to know who you are and welcome you!

As you start your journey at Bethel, OPC wants to be a partner and support you. If you have any questions at all during onboarding please reach out to Kisa Barthel, k-barthel@bethel.edu.