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Performance Management

University Goals and Cabinet Goals

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Annual Employee Performance Evaluations

Our annual staff employee performance season is in the Fall. 2021 Employee Performace Evaluations are due to the Office of People and Culture on December 15, 2021.

Employee Performance Evaluation: Supervisors will complete this evaluation by assigning performance ratings based on key components of the employee's Job Description. The evaluation will be presented to the staff member by their supervisor during their performance conversation. 

University Goals and Cabinet Goals needed to complete Section #4 of the Employee Performace Evaluation will be completed and posted on this page by mid-October.

If you have questions, please reference the Frequestly Asked Questions section. Supervisors can also refer to the Equip folder that was shared with them. 

New Employee Progress Reviews

The performance assessment and management process is an on-going conversation involving both the supervisor and the employee. People and Culture desires to work with you to support all employee assessment and your efforts to create a departmental culture that reflects the Bethel mission and values.

Together, the supervisor and employee will have progress conversations near the 45 and 90 days into the new role. These conversations are forward-looking and integrate the Bethel strengths-based foundation. Prior to both conversations, the employee submits their reflections and contributes to the conversation through the conversation guide. Forms will be emailed to the supervisor from human resources near each date and are also available below: