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Frequently Asked Questions



Who needs to have a job description?

All employees who are classified as staff should have a job description, regardless of whether their position is part-time or full-time.

Where can I get a copy of my employee’s job description?

All supervisors should be able to access their employee's job descriptions in Self-Service Banner by clicking on “Supervisor – Display Job Descriptions” under the "Employee” tab.

If you would like a Word Document version of a job description, please contact the Office of People and Culture (people-culture@bethel.edu).

How do I determine which 3-5 components to use from the job description in Section 1 of the performance evaluation form?

The 3-5 components should be the essential functions of the role that most affect job performance. For example, if completing a particular task makes up 50% of an employee's job, then this should be listed as a component. On the other hand, if there is a task that only makes up 5% of the employee's job and it doesn't impact their overall performance then it doesn't need to be included.

How do I factor input from other individuals in our evaluation?

We recommend consulting applicable individuals either in-person or via email to get feedback on an employee’s performance. This is especially helpful when an employee’s role is primarily supporting and/or partnering with other departments.

How do we align the employee's individual goals with University and Cabinet goals?

Cabinet goals will be created together with department heads. Cabinet goals will be more specific to the departments they oversee and should be fairly easy to connect to an individual’s goals. We encourage you to talk with your Cabinet member or a member of the Office of People and Culture if you need help.

What if my employee does not complete their goal(s) due to circumstances outside of their control or external factors not directly related to them?

Use your discretion. If you know that an employee did not complete their goal due to circumstances outside of their control or external factors, you can choose to either skip that goal altogether or rate them based on how their goal changed or pivoted due to these factors.

Is there a self-assessment form for employees this year?

We have chosen not to do a self-assessment this year. Instead, there is an optional space on the evaluation for employees to share comments regarding their development and/or job performance. We are open to adding a self-assessment section in the future if there is a desire for one.

Who reads the completed performance evaluations?

The Office of People and Culture reviews each performance evaluation. After being reviewed, the evaluation is kept in the employee’s personnel file.

Will we continue having 45-day and 90-day performance conversations?

Yes, we plan to continue 45-day and 90-day performance conversations for all new employees.