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September 2016

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

Dr. David Clark, Vice President and Dean of Bethel Seminary welcomes our prayers for his colleagues on both campuses of Bethel Seminary - St. Paul and San Diego - and submits these praises/prayer requests for our focus this month. Please join us in praying with and for David as he so amiably and ably leads the Seminary.

Thank God for new Seminary faculty member, Dr. Karen Quek, who will lead the San Diego Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling programs. She succeeds long- time Program Director, Keith Olson.

Pray as the Seminary is launching the Church Planting Certificate, a sequence of three classes to support the work of Converge and other entities in planting new churches. All credits earned in the Certificate are transferable into degree programs.

Pray for several church partnership/residency relationships which are in development. This is an expressed need, and we need wisdom to build these relationships properly so that students will actually take advantage of them and benefit from them.

Pray for theSeminary as it works through adjustments to some academic programs, making them more cost effective and accessible. Several shorter degree programs begin this fall.

Praise God for support by the Trustees to develop a specific strategy for serving communities of color. Planning and relationship building are underway to bring this initiative into reality.

As part of our current service to communities of color, Bethel has collaborated with the Office of Church Relations to present several special learning opportunities for Spanish-speaking pastors. This includes certificate-level classes in San Diego and Saturday seminars on Bible themes in St Paul. Thank God that the May event in St. Paul drew nearly 150 Spanish-speaking pastors and ministry leaders.

Pray for the Post Traditional Project which is finding numerous ways for the Seminary to work with the College for Adult and Professional Studies and the Graduate School to support the students enrolled in all three areas of post-traditional study within Bethel University. These moves will require significant work in reorganization, but they promise great opportunity to enhance the student experience.

Pray as the Seminary collaborates with the College of Arts and Sciences on a plan to get students through college and seminary in 5 years. Students can earn an MA in Ministry through a streamlined program. This project would be supported by the Kern Family Foundation. The draft grant proposal has been submitted, and we are praying for favor as KFF considers this proposal.

Grace and peace,
Judy Moseman and Carolyn Barr

Co-coordinators, National Prayer Initiative