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April 2016

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

The Lord promised Jeremiah in 29:11 that he had plans for him–plans to give him hope and a future.  Will you pray with us this month for all who are making plans for their futures, particularly for how Bethel might become or continue to be part of their current experience, and that God would reveal his plans to them? Bret Hyder, director of admissions for the College of Arts & Sciences, offers these prayer requests for your faithful consideration:
  1. This is an exciting time of year. Our admissions counselors are making hundreds of phone calls to families regarding financial aid. Cost is one of the biggest obstacles for families to overcome, but our counselors are great at helping families see the value of a Bethel education. My prayer is for our counselors, that they might be especially encouraged and empowered over these next few months.
  2. Regarding the enrollment of our 2016 fall class, I would appreciate prayer for the families who have students who have decided to attend Bethel next year. We want the students to finish their high school experiences strong and for God to prepare their path toward August enrollment.
  3. Please pray for “melt prevention.” We sometimes see students who plan on attending Bethel decide against it over the summer months. I would ask for prayer that we don't see a significant “melt” problem, but rather, a calming of hearts and a continued excitement about Bethel.
  4. The search is wrapping up for our future leader in enrollment, the position of vice president of enrollment management. I would ask that God deliver us the best person for the job.  May that leader have a strong vision for the future and transition well.
  5. Of note, a young woman who was planning on attending Bethel this coming fall committed suicide last week. This puts life in perspective...families and students are dealing with “stuff” all the time. Satan is at work to keep students from attending Bethel. I really grieve for this family and hope to empathize with any of our families of prospective students who are grieving for any reason this season.
  6. Our jobs in admissions would be impossible without the services of our campus partners. To name a few, financial aid, professors and academic departments, student life (planning Welcome Week and more), campus ministries, marketing, facilities (for making our campus tours look amazing), Sodexo (food service), and many others.  It takes an entire campus to recruit students.
  7. We have two remaining Admitted Student Days for incoming students and their families on April 17-18 and May 1-2. These are a scheduling and details masterpiece and a big part of our strategy to keep students excited about Bethel. I would pray for a lot of students to attend (specifically, 110 for each event!), and that all details—weather, processes, etc.—work out for the best.
  8. Praise for Kae Bjorklund, proud new grandmother of Theodore "Teddy" Bjorklund. Also pray for Scott and Megan Kirchoff, who are expecting their second child (a son this time) in August. Finally, pray for Kelli Dahlin and Joshua Perkins as they both plan their upcoming weddings.
  9. I, Bret, would ask personally for wisdom in leading my team well. I realize the big job we have to do, and I want to ensure that I am making wise and godly decisions as we go.

Thanks to all of you for lifting Bret and the admissions team up in prayer this month.

Grace and peace,
Judy Moseman and Carolyn Barr

Co-Coordinators of Bethel’s National
Prayer Initiative