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August 2015

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

Have you ever had opportunity to study "ultra-cold atoms?" Students in physics this year may have that privilege. Welcome to a new school year and the endless possibilitites for learning at Bethel. Thanks for being willing to join us in prayer.

Last Monday evening, several joined the Prayer Walk. Rain did not deter them from coming to cover the campus - although some prayed from the bus we provided and some walked through the buildings, thankful for the skyways between that kept them dry. You can still pray around the campus using the virtual map. There are some accompanying guidelines for consideration as your pray.

These are important for your prayerful consideration in the immediate future:

  • Welcome Week begins this week. Pray for the WW staff that they will have the energy and stamina required of them as they welcome new students to campus, help them to move in (on the 27th), and prepare them for a good beginning.
  • Pray for new students and their families as they make final decisions, make travel plans, and pack.
  • Pray that the transition to Bethel will be positive and affirming and peaceful.
  • Pray for faculty in all areas of Bethel University as they finalize syllabi and prepare themselves to engage students in significant learning - at the Seminary, the College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School, and College for Adult and Professional Studies. Pray for the students who are continuing in those schools.
  • Pray for fall sports teams and choaches as they condition and prepare for the rigors of the season, within the greater context of the academic and spiritual dimensions of life at Bethel.
  • Pray for the new ActSix program, which brings to Bethel top high school scholars and leaders who are students from underserved populations and first-generation college attendees and who are chosen for their desire and ability to change their communities and beyond.
  • Pray for students with intellectual disabilities selected for the new BUILD program. The 2-year postsecondary, residential program focuses on academic, vocational, residential, and social learning experiences, providing the skills and education necessary to live independently maintain meaningful employment, and value lifelong learning.
  • Pray for Campus Ministries and Student Life teams as they gear up to support students in their development and put in place programs and services that provide for students becoming whole and holy.
  • Pray for President Barnes and his team. Pray that their leadership will be characterized by wise decisions, loving hearts, and uncompromising commitment to Christ.

President Barnes reminded us at the Prayer Walk that "prayer matters." Your prayers matter. Thank you.

Grace and Peace,
Judy Moseman and Julie Tutt
Co-coordinators, National Prayer Initiative

May 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

What a time of celebration! By the time you get this we'll have completed our eight spring ceremonies sending 1038 graduates out to lead and serve in the name of Christ. Thank you for praying them through Bethel! We also celebrate good meetings of our Trustees and Foundation Governors. We are blessed with wonderful team members. Our spring sports had much to celebrate as did our academic programs. Our math modeling team placed in the top ten among the 7636 teams from 17 countries. Wow! We also have some great new hires - Dr. William Washington as VP for Student Life and Mr. Mark Miles as SVP for University Advancement.

Thanks for your fervent and faithful prayers. We have several employees battling cancer. Our enrollment team is working hard to bring in the class. We hve big decisions about program advances, campus mater planning, and the next campaign. God is at work - and your praerys matter!


Jay Barnes