National Prayer Initiative


Prayer Points

January 2015

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

Amsterdam, Belize, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom), Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, and Turkey -- once again Bethel students from the College of Arts & Sciences have been studying all over the world as they participated in classes for interim 2015. On-campus offerings also offered unique and concentrated educational experiences during the month of January. Please pray for the students' safety as they return to campus soon. Please pray that they apply what they've learned and that the spring semester will build upon these interim experiences to expand their minds and hears.

From our December mailing you'll remember the visionary work of the Strategic Coalition and that there are four teams working on strategic options for Bethel's future. Joe LaLuzerne, senior vice president for strategic planning and operational effectiveness, reports that each team is "advancing a particular theme/option that has emerged from the work of the coalition. This month the teams share initial results of their work with the Bethel community for feedback in order to inform their work as they prepare to bring recommendations to the coalition in early February. Please pray for these teams, that they listen well to the community, and that their steps and paths are directed by God as they complete this task."

Please pray also for the searches for a new vice president for student life and a new senior vice president for university relations, and for the hiring processes for needed faculty and staff positions. Praise God that the Wellness Center construction is on time and on budget, and pray for safety for all who are part of that project.

Thanks for staying with us and praying with us into this new year.


Judy Moseman and Julie Tutt, Co-coordinators

February 2015

Dear Praying Friends of Bethel,

This is a significant time for Bethel as the work of the Strategic Coalition for which you have been praying is presented to the Board of Trustees at the end of this month. Recommendations from the coalition will be the result of many months of faithful work and prayer. Decisions by the Board will guide Bethel's direction over the next decade.

Please pray...

  • thanking God for the Board of Trustees, women and men who give of their time and their expertise who are gifted and committed to Bethel's mission
  • thanking God for the coalition, a 16-member group of administrators, faculty, staff, and trustees who have devoted themselves to this strategic initiative
  • thanking God for the openness of the process on campus, a process that involved many additional employees in strategic option teams from which substantive recommendations went to the coalition earlier this month, and also provided opportunities for university-wide discussion and feedback through open forums
  • asking God for discernment and wisdom for each person involved in the next steps of decision-making at the board level
  • seeking God's favor and blessing for Bethel's future

You, dear friends, have been informed and invited to pray throughout this significant process for Bethel. The Board of Trustees meetings on February 25 and 26 are of utmost importance. Thank you for staying with us and praying with us.

God bless you all,

Judy Moseman and Julie Tutt, Co-coordinators