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The president works with Bethel’s leadership teams, Board of Trustees, and community members to plan long-term projects that ensure the advancement of our mission in a rapidly changing environment.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is designed to define our strategic direction for the next 5 years, set priorities for investing our resources, and give high-level guidance to our operational planning.

Wellness Center

Beginning Fall 2014, constructing a new well-equipped, state-of-the-art Wellness Center is Bethel’s highest capital priority and is expected to be complete during Fall 2015.

Campus Master Plan

Through the campus planning project, we will create a long-term plan for future facility needs that is true to our identity and meets strategic priorities.

Moving the Needle

Moving the Needle is a project to look comprehensively at student success and retention in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Staff Compensation & Performance Management Plan

The goal of the staff compensation and performance management project is to develop new staff compensation and performance management systems that affirm Bethel’s investment in its employees.

Completed Projects

Strategic Coalition

The strategic coalition is a group of trustees, senior administrators, and faculty who are developing a vision and set of strategic objectives to guide the university during the next 10 years.

Prioritization and Review

Prioritization and Review began during the 2012-13 academic year and is designed to evaluate programs, departments, and university functions to determine what services are essential to the university’s mission and how they can be done most effectively and efficiently.

Branding Project

Bethel has launched an important initiative in order to develop a clear, compelling, and consistent story about the institution. Project updates are available for Bethel community members.

Reconciliation Task Force

The goal of the reconciliation task force is to identify an approach toward diversity that will guide a second leg of Bethel's journey towards reconciliation.

Seminary Trustee Task Force Report

The goal of the seminary task force report is to document operations and make recommendations on the future direction of the Seminary.

Faculty Compensation Plan

The faculty compensation project is intended to produce equitable outcomes, encourage excellence, and reflect appreciation for the work done by all full-time faculty members.