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Campus Master Plan

The primary purpose of the Campus Master Plan 2.0 project is to re-imagine how to meet our space needs as Bethel goes into the future, particularly in light of the Pine Tree property.

Our partners at Credo, who have extensive experience in campus planning for private institutions like Bethel, are guiding us through the planning process. Community input will be used as we update our Campus Master Plan and develop scenarios for how the Pine Tree property might be used.

Provide feedback for Campus Master Plan 2.0.

Steering Committee

The steering committee represents all areas of the university and is responsible for gathering input from across the community to better inform the campus master plan decisions regarding Pine Tree.

  • Joelle Anderson
  • Jay Barnes
  • Laurel Bunker
  • David Clark
  • Dick Crombie
  • Carla Dahl
  • Teresa DeGolier
  • Barrett Fisher
  • Deb Harless
  • Monique Kleinhuizen
  • Joe LaLuzerne
  • Pat Mazorol
  • Ron Monson
  • Chad Osgood
  • Mark Posner
  • Ruben Rivera
  • Kyle Roberts
  • Edee Schulze
  • David Stewart
  • Deborah Sullivan-Trainor
  • Thomas Trainor
  • Dan Wanous
  • Heidi Moon Wolf

Timeline for Planning Phase

January 2014

  • Steering Committee appointed

February 2014

  • Board of Trustees meeting
  • Campus community "Visioning Sessions"

March 2014

  • Based on all of the ideas and input gathered, develop 3-4 scenarios for assigning space to the three major zones: 1) the college complex, 2) the seminary complex, and 3) the Pine Tree facility

April 2014

  • Community feedback sessions to review and discuss the 3-4 scenarios to determine the preferred scenario
  • Develop a phased action plan that includes timing and financing assumptions

May 2014

  • Presentation of two to three strategic scenarios made to the Board of Trustees

Revisit the original work of the Campus Master Plan from 2011-12.