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Be in the B Club!

Steve Strom shares his story about supporting Bethel athletes through the B Club.

Winter 2010

Be in the B Club

Steve Strom’s ’07 faith was not influencing his daily life as he graduated from high school and began attending another Minnesota private college. During his freshman year, however, he was introduced to Bethel by friends.

“There was something different about the way they [Bethel students] carried themselves. There was an extra ‘hop’ in their step, and I knew it was something much deeper than the flesh,” Strom explains. “Those friends planted a seed in my soul, and I started to ask myself some tough questions. For the first time, I wanted to find out the answers, and I was willing to invest in it.”

He did just that, transferring to Bethel and joining the basketball team as a sophomore, becoming captain as a senior. “Bethel and the basketball program are deeply rooted in my soul, and I will always have a special place for those relationships with coaches, mentors, and friends,” says Strom, who played small forward. “Being only a few years removed from Bethel, I still look back at that experience with bright eyes and a happy heart. I hope that future student athletes at Bethel will be impacted in similar and greater ways than I was during my career at Bethel.”

To help in this, Strom is part of a new group of giving individuals who share Bethel’s objective to energize men and women who have athletic gifts and talents. these donors share a vision to develop athletes who excel in leadership, scholarship, and service. And having played a sport at Bethel once themselves, they each know the long-term value of personal training, competition, and lessons learned under the stress of winning and losing. Together, they are the new B Club—Bethel athletic alumni who give $50, $100, $200, or $300 annually to help provide improved training facilities and equipment for current Bethel student athletes.

Says Strom, “Giving back now takes little convincing, and I try to take advantage of any opportunity to share my story and experiences with current players or prospective student athletes.”

Become a B Club member at For more information contact Dan Perrel, athletic development associate, at or 651.638.6987.

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