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Changes at the Seminary

David Ridder and David Clark take on new roles.

Winter 2010

David Clark

Bethel Seminary is equipping more than 1,100 students for ministry across its three campuses. “This—during today’s challenging economy—is a testimony to the quality and reputation of our faculty and educational programs, as well as the moving of God’s Spirit in the hearts of men and women eager to follow Christ’s lead to minister in His name,” says President Jay Barnes.

Along with this year’s incoming students, Bethel Seminary also faces a number of other important changes. First, Bethel’s Board of Trustees has confirmed David Ridder (picture on previous page) as vice president and dean of Bethel Seminary. A veteran pastor and Bethel Seminary faculty member, Dave will now oversee all programs and operations of Bethel Seminary, from coast to coast. Changes at the seminary teaching and administration, is a compassionate discipleship coach, and has a deep passion for Bethel students,” says Barnes. “He will build on the solid foundation that Leland Eliason, recently retired provost and dean, established.”

Second, David Clark (picture above), whose 21 years at Bethel Seminary included service as professor, center dean, and founder of the Christian thought program, has been named provost of Bethel University.

Clark will now work on equipping students across all the schools of Bethel. “We’re not just training or indoctrinating students to believe what their parents believe,” he says. “We’re educating them. And that means challenging them to think for themselves—to gain a sympathetic belief in our biblical heritage, and to do so in a way that's uniquely theirs”.