Bethel Investor

Hello? This is Bethel.

Current students reconnect alumni with Bethel.

Winter 2010

Hello?  This is Bethel

Perhaps you’ve received a phone call recently from Bethel. Thirty Bethel students spend some 160 hours talking on the phone each week with you—Bethel friends and family. As part of Bethel’s phonathon, student callers connect with Bethel alumni, sharing what’s happening on campus and asking for prayer and financial support to fulfill Bethel’s mission.

“We hope to leave those we call with a positive impression and educate them a little bit about the need that Bethel has for support,” explains Chad Boysen ’05, who has managed the phonathon for three years and was a caller himself while a Bethel student.  

“The annual phonathon call is a Bethel connection I always enjoy,” says Nancy Lausten ’63, whose three children graduated from Bethel in the ’90s. “Living on the East coast affords us minimal contact with Bethel, and I feel connected again when the students call.”

But the feeling is mutual. Students also benefit.

“We get a chance to talk to alumni and update them on how God has been blessing all the students and campus,” explains senior caller Rachel Johnson. “It is great hearing how god has been working in the lives of alumni, too.”

A key element to the call is often prayer. Student callers ask alumni if they have any prayer requests. “It is genuine,” says Lausten. “I felt assured someone would be praying for our concern.”

By the end of 2009, student callers connected with more than 6,000 Bethel alumni like Lausten. Says Boysen, “Having a student and an alum who are strangers pray for each other right over the phone is pretty unique and makes me feel like what we do is important and truly has an impact.”