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Bethel Transitions

Summer 2008

The President's Legacy: Guarding Mission, Guiding Growth
George K. Brushaber has advanced the facilities, faculty, curriculum, and reputation of Bethel. But keeping the school on-mission will be his primary legacy.

Meet Jay Barnes
Provost over three schools of Bethel University for the past 13 years, Barnes became Bethel's new president in a series of nearly unanimous votes.

Campaign Makes Goal
The "Taking the Next Step" comprehensive resource campaign has surpassed its $105 million goal--and a new building project is underway in San Diego, in addition to the George K. Brushaber Commons in St. Paul.


Winter 2008

Crisis + Hope
Victims of HIV/AIDS struggle not only with a devastating disease, but also the stigma attached to it. What is the church to do? “Show up and be the church,” says World Vision President Richard Stearns. “The integrity of our faith is at stake…”

Seminary Education Comes Home
Bethel’s innovative InMinistry program combines online courses with on-campus intensives to foster authentic learning community among students in ministry.

Rolling Out the Dead Sea Scrolls
Once upon a time a Bedouin shepherd boy went looking for his lost goat. What he found is perhaps among the greatest archaeological treasures in history.

Responding to Tragedy
Bethel students, staff, and administrators faced unique personal and ministry

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Summer 2007

With Jesus on the Muslim Road
If Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan today, it could be a Sunni Muslim coming to the aid of a wounded American soldier by the side of the road. As followers of Jesus, how should we then relate?

The Growing Edge of Thinking
A dozen top leaders from across the country have joined the first cohort of Bethel Seminary’s new Doctor of Ministry in Global and Contextual Leadership. First stop: Amman, Jordan.

One for the History Books
It’s the late 1970s. Political turmoil plagues Taiwan. Nearly 8,000 miles away, Eileen and Morgan Chang devise an ingenious plan to “reach out and touch” their homeland and fellow Taiwanese around the world. The rest, as they say, is history.

Trout Lake Camp Celebrates 60 Years
More than 60 years have passed since the Minnesota Baptist Conference voted to invest twice its annual budget in a little piece of Eden just north of Brainerd, Minnesota. Today, 200,000 Trout Lake Camp alums call it a “Meeting Place with God.”

Campus News
Bethel University President George Brushaber to retire; Ron Tschetter appointed Peace Corps director; Mark Harden named dean of Intercultural Relations;

Winter 2006 Small Cover

Winter 2006

Traveling the Urban Landscape
With degree programs now accredited by the Stae of New York, Bethel's teaching center in Flushing, Queens, charges full speed ahead on the "International Express."
Taking Jesus to the Streets
Dean of Multicultural Affairs Mark Harden follows his passion as lead faculty of Bethel's new M.A. in Community Ministry Leadership program in St. Paul.
Homeless in California
Bethel Seminary San Diego alum Steve Bassett feeds bodies and souls, exemplifying Bethel's vision for students to live out biblical truth in daily life.
Doing for the Least in Romania
Overcoming loneliness to serve the sick and hungry in Romania, seminary grad Linda Bergeon learns what it means to give and receive.

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Spring 2006

Healing the Sprit
Bethel's Marriage and Family hrapy programs prepare Christians counselors for ministry
Triumph from Tragedy
End of the Spear not end of the story
Ministry at the Mall
Finding Christ at the cineplex
What does the Bible say? How should the church respond?

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Winter 2005

Master of Arts in Global and Contextual Studies
Bethel Seminary launches new world-class degree program
"I am angry at you, God!"
Bob Rakenstaw on matters of the heart
When the Waters Subside
Ministering in the wake of disaster
Kingdom Building in India
Lessons from an everyday visionary

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Summer 2005

Doing Church Right
Erwin McManus to headline 10th annual Transformational Church Series
Bethel on the Battlefront
Ministering to the military
Modeling God's Heart for Reconciliation
Ralph Hammond 1938-2004
Flood in San Diego
Living water for an emerging generation

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Winter 2004

Bethel Goes to Washingtion
Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.welcomes seminary's new Metro D.C. Center
The "U" Factor
What's in it for Bethel Seminary
Leadership Enrichment
Resources for leaders in the trenchers
Record Endowment
First student's legacy lives on

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Summer 2003

His Parish: The Entire Northeast
God's bigger vision for Bethel's newest dean
Happy Birthday San Diego!
Celebrating 25 years on the Pacific Rim
"That's How My Heart Beats"
Continuing a jorney of faith, love, and hope
More than Guitar Playing
Ansering youth ministry's higher call

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Fall 2002

Children's and Family Ministry
Faculty Focus: Denis Muir Kjesbo
Over the 'Net with the Prof
What Students are Saying

Parents and the Church
A Beautiful Scar
Called to Prepare

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Summer 2002

Marathoners in Ministry
God's Bondservant
Passing it On
Pulling God's People Together

Soldiering for God and country far from home
Planting a Spanish-speaking church in Cornhusker Country

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Winter 2001-2002

Emerging from the Dark
Bethel Seminary of the East confronts clamity with the light of Christ in the aftermath of September 11.
Giving Thanks Always for All Things
• Clinging to the Reality of Christ
• September 11 as Theological Reflection and Moral Formation

Speaking Up for America
A Croatian pastor offers words of empathy and biblical wisdom to a nation in crisis.
The September 11 Test between Hope and Humility
Following God's call to unexpected destinations

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Volume 14 no, 3

Leadership Vision's Different Drummer
Presenting and nurturing God's call to dynamic Christian leadership
Meribaal's Scattered Shame
Clining to God's call even through the pain of shame
Daisy Johnson's Journey
Following God's call to unexpected destinations

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Volume 14 No.2

A History of Hope
Who's Who at Bethel Seminary of the East
One Big Library
Managing Bethel's Libraries
Bethel Seminary of the East
Blazing an East Coast Trail of Truth

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Volume 14 No.1

Bethel's Three Centers
Ringing True to a Vigorous Vision
Grilling the Deans
Addressing the Integration of Bethel's Three Centers
Doing What He Can
An article about Joseph St. George