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Undergrad Scheduling Training Videos

This web page includes links to short videos that explain the scheduling process and demonstrate the use of the EMS Campus Planning Interface (CPI).  They are meant to assist CAS staff, faculty, and administrators who participate in scheduling. The URL for accessing EMS CPI is https://bsp-cmpsrv-h4.its.bethel.edu/CampusPlanningInterface/casauth.aspx.

Disclaimer: Please note that these are not professional videos!  They were made with free software that had a 5-minute recording capacity.  You will want to scroll down and/or expand the window to see the screen capture (without the header advertisement).  You may hear a clock or cat sounds during the presentations.

You may wish to use this handout to accompany the videos and prepare you for using the EMS CPI.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Krusemark or Brian Metcalf.

PowerPoint Videos:

Videos of EMS:

Special Scenarios Videos of EMS: