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 Parking Violations, Enforcement, and Penalties Information

College of Arts & Sciences Resident Parking

Freshmen and Sophomores living on campus in Bethel housing can obtain parking permits only under specific circumstances. Learn more about the process for our needs-based permit appeals process for freshmen and sophomores living in residence halls.

Juniors & Seniors by credit are allowed to register one vehicle to use for the academic year. Permit and parking lot assignments are determined by housing status and housing location.

College of Arts & Sciences Commuter Parking

All commuters are automatically charged a $100 to their Bethel Account per semester for the upkeep of lots and roadways regardless of whether or not they apply for a permit.  Commuters with situations that do not require them to bring a vehicle to campus are allowed to appeal the fee. Appeals must be received within 30 days of the beginning of each semester in order to be processed. Appeals after that deadline will not be processed.

Commuters are refunded $10 to their Bethel account upon receiving their permit. 

Seminary, CAPS, and Graduate Studies Parking

Bethel community members are required to have permits at the Anderson Center. Upon completing the online form a permit will be mailed to the home address that is on record with Bethel (please be sure that is up-to-date first). 

Employee Parking

Employees are authorized up to two permits for use on Bethel's campus at no cost. 3900 Campus and Anderson Center employees need to obtain a permit. Employees may not provide their permits to other individuals to include family living on campus. Upon completing the online form permits will be sent through campus mail or stop in and pick up a permit at the Safety & Security Office (HC103).

Temporary Parking Permit

Any resident who does not have a parking permit is eligible for up to 30 days of temporary permits per academic year. There is a $2 per day charge for temparary permits. A temporary permit has all the rights and responsibilities of a regular permit. Stop by the security office to pick up a temp permit.

Employees or students with a currently registered vehicle may obtain a temporary permit for no charge to use on a temporary replacement vehicle. For example, if the currently registered vehicle is being repaired and the owner is using a rental. Stop by the Security office to pick up a temp permit.

A temporary permit is not valid outside of the date range.

Apply for a Parking Permit

Lost or Stolen Permits

All lost or stolen permits must be reported to the Safety & Security office. Use of a permit reported lost or stolen will result in immobilization and a fine.