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Before you make that post, share that link or upload that photo, can you trust the site you are on? What if your information ends up somewhere you didn't intend? Below are some resources that might help you securely enjoy your time online and while connected. Watch our video on keeping your possessions and identity safe.

Securing Your Computer

Find resources to learn how to back up and secure your data, find trustworthy websites and keep your personal information safe. Learn about malware and botnets, spam and phishing, and hacked accounts.

Smartphone Security Checker

How secure is your smartphone? Could you find it if lost? Can your information be stolen off it? Use the above link to determine how secure your smartphone is (designed for all major operating systems).

Cyberbullying, Harassment and Stalking

Social media, emails, text messaging - all are ways that people can be impacted by harassment and stalking. Learn more about how to respond and protect yourself against this growing trend.