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Aggravated Assault

Alert description

A security officer, while on an exterior building patrol of the Anderson Center, was physically assaulted by two unknown males at approximatley 10pm, Tuesday March 14th. The assault occurred on the back side (south side) of the building. The officer sustained minor injuries and both suspects fled on foot. The individuals were not able to be apprehended but are believed to have been under the influence due to their slurred speach and erratic behavior. 

Police were contacted and a report made. 

Subject description

Subjects are described as both male and wearing hoodies. One individual was approximately 5'8" and heavy set.

Direction to Bethel community

No previous recent suspicious acitivity has been noted at the Anderson Center. There is no further information to suggest there is an ongoing threat at the Anderson Center and it is believed this was an isolated incident committed by two transient individuals. 

The security team will be conducting additional patrols with additional personnel in the area. Anyone who sees suspicous activity should report it to 651.638.6400 immediately. It is recommened that individuals keep to well lit areas at night and receive escorts to their vehicle if alone and unable to walk with others. 

Contact information

Nathan Katterson - Associate Director of Security Operations - 651.638.6826