Bethel Seminary Library

Bethel Seminary Library Gift Book Policy

As of May 2012, Bethel Seminary Library will no longer be accepting donations of books, journals or other materials. 


For your convenience, we have listed some organizations below that you may contact.

St. Paul Area

East West InterKnit

East West InterKnit is looking for books that would be suitable for pastors or training institutions (non-fiction Christian).

East West InterKnit may be able to arrange distribution to their partner ministries in countries around the world including India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Haiti, Bulgaria, Sudan and Burma (Myanmar).

The Lift

In 2008 The Lift opened an online used book business to teach employment skills and employ urban youth. Students fill orders, provide customer service, organize inventory and learn the basics of starting and running a business.

They will take textbooks and quality books that are in good shape. They can arrange to pick up the books or you may drop them off at the Lift.

San Diego Area

"The Bookman"

The Bookman accepts any and all book donations and tries to find good homes for all of them. Books can be delivered to the warehouse 24 hours per day.