Bethel Seminary

San Diego - MFT

MF505 & MF505L

MF505: Theories of Marital & Family Therapy II

Students review and critique, from theological, spiritual, and theoretical perspectives, the major newer approaches to family therapy that incorporate a postmodern worldview. Applications of techniques from these approaches are practiced in class. Students continue to examine the place of marriage and family therapy in pastoral care and do additional work toward articulating their own approaches to working with families. Prerequisite: MF504. San Diego only. Four hours.

MF505L: Theories of MFT Lab II

This lab affords students the opportunity to develop some comfort and competence using the clinical skills and interventions that are associated with the MFT theories being studied in MF505 Theories of Marital Family Therapy II. Students will watch videos of therapy sessions, and participate in, observe, and critique role plays that stimulate the primary learning experiences. Students must enroll in MF505L concurrently with MF505. San Diego only. One hour.