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Student Senate Overview

The Student Senate consists of up to 10 elected officers, which may include: president, vice president/senior representative, secretary/treasurer, SemPM representative, Marriage & Family Therapy representative, and special interest coordinators (i.e., community life, spiritual life, academics, women, and Diversity/Ethnicity, Diversity, Gender, Equality, Socio-Economic (EDGES)).

Elections are held in April for the following year. For a copy of the Student Senate Constitution and by-laws, please contact the the Office of Student Development & Support (651.638.6049).

The major purposes of the senate are to promote and serve student interests, to lead in student desired directions, and to establish and sustain the welfare of the student body. The president is the main liaison between students and administration. The special interest coordinators are responsible for the planning of an integrated and meaningful program of student activities.

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