Ebenezer Ahrin Ebenezer Ahrin

Meet Ebenezer "Prince" Ahrin

2010 Graduate, M.A. in Organizational Leadership


Origin of the name "Prince:"

Father is a chief—a regional assemblyman in Ghana, West Africa.

Reason for moving to Minnesota after earning an undergrad degree in Virginia:

"The weather is not at all pleasant. But I read so much about Bethel’s solid Christian values. It’s a very serene environment, highly conducive to education."

Means of supporting a family of 5 while going to school:

Sponsorship by a Christian missionary, and a full-time auditing job at GS Management Group.


"Advocate for the people of Ghana" in elected office—eventually in the national Parliament. "If I stayed here in America, I would earn great money. I’ve had offers. But if I accept, I’d become a selfish man."

Self-discovery at Bethel:

"Ghana was colonized by the British so our leaders are highly autocratic. Collaboration was not part of my leadership style at all. I thought that was great until I started this program. At Bethel, I learned that leadership must be shared. Leaders must serve others as well as be served."

Unexpected benefit:

"Even my marriage is better as I’ve learned about mutual respect."

Observation about the Wall Street meltdown:

"Society places so much emphasis on credentials and money. If we were able to be bring in more-ethical leaders, the world would be such a better place."

Personal philosophy:

"To whom much is given, much is expected."