Dinnah Gustavo Dinnah Gustavo '12

Leading and Following

Dinnah Gustavo on leadership, prayer, and the Bethel family.


I’ve always taken on leadership roles, and I’ve tried to develop that. I participated in the Foundational Leadership Program (FLP), which is a program that looks at different aspects of leadership. I went on a Vision Trekk trip to New York City, where you explore your strengths and leadership style by putting them into practice. I was a Welcome Week Committee Head and it was perfect for me because I’m a huge people person, but I also love working behind the scenes.

I really wanted to be a Resident Assistant. It’s a great way to welcome people and learn how other people work.

It’s a challenge in upperclass housing. I realized junior year that everyone had their community established in one form or another, and that’s great, but there’s also a need to bridge those communities. That’s what really interested me, trying to figure out how to bring different groups of people together.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be in charge of everything all the time. Team is key. Working together and figuring out everyone’s strengths, piecing them together like a puzzle. Someone might be better than you at something, and that’s okay. Let other people shine.

One of my favorite experiences at Bethel has been Pray First. Before Pray First I wasn’t somebody who prayed out loud. It just wasn’t for me. It taught me how to pray for other people, and how to pray period.

Donna Johnson leads Pray First and she became my mentor. I feel like every time I talk to her I walk away with wisdom. She showed me the impact we have on each other’s lives and the power we have to help each other grow.

Bethel is a family. I feel really blessed to be in a place where there’s so much character development and so many people who actually care. I can be myself here and know I’ll be accepted. That’s unique to feel anywhere.

Love who you are, because we love who you are. Everyone is unique. There’s a place at Bethel for everyone. Look for those opportunities. Take a risk, take a chance. It’s exciting. It’s scary. Sometimes it hurts to grow, but it’s worth it.