Jen Berglund Jen Berglund

Reaching Out

After a short break, Jen Berglund returns to Bethel energized for evangelism.


Don't tell Jen Berglund you don't feel called to evangelism. After conversations about Jesus with almost 100 near-strangers so far, she may sympathize—but only for a moment.

"Scripture is clear we’re supposed to share our faith. We're not called to be comfortable," says the junior nursing major.  “But it is important to get training. It's not necessarily going to come naturally."

Jen's own training—a method of posing "spiritual questions"—has come from Campus Crusade for Christ, where her parents met on staff. When Christian high school and a year at Bethel left Jen feeling "spiritually overfed and complacent," she joined Crusade between semesters for a mission project at Boston University, then evangelism school in New Jersey.

"It’s kind of scary to go up to someone at random," she admits. "But once you’re in conversation, it’s not shoving something down their throat. It's asking good questions to get them thinking about what they believe, and then verbalizing what’s been transformational in your own life."

Now Jen sets up her whole life for opportunities to share Christ. She’s majoring in nursing partly because “it’s amazing the spiritual conversations you can have in a hospital.” She intentionally lives near the University of Minnesota to meet more non-believers.  She’s raising funds for another Crusade mission, this time to East Asia.

And she’s trained 4 friends at Bethel, taking them street witnessing off campus, using the tract “Knowing God Personally.” At a bus stop, a culinary student exclaimed “No one’s ever explained it to me like this,” and eagerly prayed to receive Christ, while the Bethel women prayed the bus would be delayed—just long enough. The new Christian boarded, clutching the tract—along with Jen’s email for follow-up questions.

“Every time I share my faith,” says Jen, “I get closer to the Lord because I have to depend on Him. It allows me to see Him do amazing things.”