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Imagine the Possibilities

Aspiring filmmaker Tyler Esau learns about film, travel, and friendship at Bethel.

I’ve always loved movies. The first movie I remember was a miniseries called The 10th Kingdom. It’s Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf and all these other fairy tales mixed together. I’d pretend I was sick so I could stay home from school to watch it. I think that’s when I knew I wanted to make movies.

My goal is to direct, write, and score my own movies, but that’s a lot and it probably wouldn’t be very efficient. I love all the possibilities. Imagination is really important to me.

I took Intro to Media Production my sophomore year. We learned to use different cameras, teleprompters, green screens, editing programs, sound boards. We got experience directing and putting movies together. That was my favorite class.

Bethel has a really good program for studying in Los Angeles. It’s called the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. I’m going in the fall. I’m hoping to get a job in LA after.

Before I die I want to travel to every country. I plan on going to Asia or South America next. I’ve been to a lot of places in Europe. I went to Haiti 7 years ago for a mission trip. I think that’s where I got the travel bug. I love talking to people, hearing their stories. I haven’t been to Canada yet, but that’s an easy one. I’ll save it.

My favorite professor is Peggy Kendall. I went to Europe with her on a study abroad trip. Now we have Tea Tuesdays where we drink tea and talk about life. There are no crumpets involved. I wish there were, but unfortunately it’s just tea.

Traveling in Europe taught me patience. We’d miss trains and people would start freaking out, and it’s a chain reaction. Once one person starts freaking out, everybody goes. Some countries are really good at being on time with their trains, and some countries, you just expect them to be late. The biggest thing was staying calm.

I’m still best friends with the people from my freshman dorm. Everyone on our floor got to know each other really well, which was nice. It made it easier to meet people because I already had a group of friends I was close with, so I could meet new people through them.

We had really good Shift leaders. I think that’s the biggest reason we’ve stayed so close. They started all these traditions, like late-night food runs and McDonald's for Shamrock Shakes, and after freshman year we just kept them going.

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