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Mi Chue Thao

Mi Chue Thao

Student Success Advisor


  • B.A. in Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Home state

I was born in Merced, California, but moved to the Twin Cities when I was five years old.

My favorite things about Bethel University

I adore the culture and tight-knit community here. People are very genuine and humble, and have been so open and welcoming. We are very inclusive and go above and beyond to make someone feel included. The Bethel community is also very team-oriented, a requirement that I look for in a work environment. Everyone is very encouraging and very supportive.

My favorite thing about the Twin Cities and life

I love the Twin Cities! Everywhere I have gone so far has not beat the Twin Cities so far. I love the diversity of people, the feel of the city, the variety of options we hold, the never-ending stream and diversity of events that are held in the Twin Cities- they represent and embody the heart of the people and community we have.

My favorite things about being a Student Success Advisor

I love helping other people, and the relationship-building aspect of it. It really fulfills my sense of service, selfless duty, and I get to really connect and help make a difference in someone's life, no matter how small.

Before working at Bethel

My first position out of college was a position similar to an advisor, working as a College Coach with AmeriCorps - College Possible. After my term, I moved on to Ally Financial, missed the relationship building aspect of the workplace, and moved into advising with Bethel. I just finished serving seven years in the Minnesota Army National Guard, and am currently working on continuing my education.