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The Third World Studies major provides students the opportunity to study and experience the realities of life in developing nations as they work toward a double major in any other field. Students take a range of courses focusing on the Third World, culminating in an intensive study abroad experience in a developing nation.

Why should I study Third World studies?

Students who choose this major are able to focus much of their learning, in any discipline or major, on the Third World. This allows you to achieve a deep understanding of life in the Third World and how your primary major could be applied in such a context. You'll explore core courses across a varitety of disciplines including anthropology and sociologybiblical and theological studieseconomicshistorylearning an indigenous languagepolitical science, and psychology.

What can I do with this degree?

For many students, this major has been seen as a gateway experience for working and living in the Third World. The courses you'll take will prepare you to understand issues, current events, and cultural norms, and your experience living in the Third World will help you develop networks and hear of opportunities that could be useful in the future.

What skills will I develop?

Students in this program develop substantial skills in their primary majors. The Third World Studies major contextualizes this learning so that students have a deep understanding and awareness of social, cultural, and spiritual realities in the Third World.

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

The central focus of the major is a significant in-person experience in a Third World setting. Students have the opportunity to live, work, and learn in a field setting as they interact with communities and individuals in the Third World.

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