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Visual Arts Education K-12 Major

This degree will complete all necessary requirements for teaching licensure certification for Visual Art K-12 and launch you into a rewarding career as an artist who teaches. Combine classes in studio art, art history, and education to be able to provide your students with opportunities to use their imagination, develop their creativity, and learn to express themselves through art materials.

Hone your personal skills, techniques and ideas in studio art courses in a variety of media, because making art is also central to art education. Art History will develop your ability to analyze and interpret art and show how we are connected to others through art. You will learn ways to teach that art is a visual language through which human beings communicate.

Why should I study visual arts education?

Choosing to be a teacher of art is a forever rewarding adventure. Sharing the wonder and discovery of making art with students allows you to continue to explore art personally while encouraging and facilitating understanding of art in your students. Because creative activity is a normal and necessary behavior of human beings it should be encouraged and developed in everyone.

A Visual Arts Education K-12 degree from Bethel University prepares you to nurture creative abilities, artistic skills and insights in students of all ages. You will learn how to develop challenging visual problems and design curriculum that encourages learners to think deeply and to use art techniques to share their ideas. This will include guiding students in appreciating the visual arts in relation to history and culture while being inspired by other’s artistic contributions.

In your education classes you will learn how to manage a classroom effectively so creative learning takes place in interesting and motivating ways that are appropriate for grades K through 12. You will make a difference in young people’s lives.

What can I do with this degree?

Our graduates teach art in public, private and charter schools around the country and even abroad. Here are just a few of the places Bethel alumni are currently teaching art:

  • Anoka Public Schools
  • Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis
  • Brainerd Public Schools
  • Roseville Public Schools
  • Mounds View Public Schools
  • St. Paul Public Schools
  • Ecole Moser: Geneva, Switzerland
  • New Millennium Academy, Minneapolis
  • Legacy Christian Academy, Andover
  • Chaska Public Schools
  • North Branch Public Schools
  • Milwaukee  Public Schools
  • Community School of Excellence Charter School, St. Paul
  • Beacon Academy, Maple Grove

What skills will I develop?

  • You will hone your own personal creative skills, techniques and ideas in a variety of media, because being a working artist is also central to being an art educator
  • You will learn how to lead and motivate to manage a classroom effectively so that creative learning can take place
  • You will develop skills in planning and executing lessons that combine art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics
  • You will learn to teach art as a visual language through which human beings communicate

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

  • Multiple opportunities to practice teaching with a variety of age groups and classrooms K-12
  • Work with master teachers who will mentor you and share their expertise while you teach
  • Develop friendships and a network of contacts with other art educators
  • Experience the dynamic relationships between teachers and students

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