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We consider research to be an integral part of the experience for undergraduate biology majors and have a long, successful history of research collaborations between students and faculty. These collaborations take place in many of our courses through hands-on, project-based inquiry opportunities, as well as research courses where students work closely with a faculty member on a real world question. Examples of student research collaborations include:

  • Nick Quam collaborated with Dr. Teresa DeGolier to study the contractile effects of castor oil (Ricinus communis) on Mus musculus uterine tissue in vitro.
  • Abby Perrenoud collaborated with Dr. Brian Hyatt on the role of Fgf10 in Xenopus lung development.
  • Bethany Campbell collaborated with Dr. Jeff Port to study the effect of vegetarian type on small mammal distribution in reconstructed grasslands near Austin, MN. 
  • Hannah Manion worked wtih Dr. Joy Doan on the regulation of TNFa production in macrophages in the presence of resveratrol. 

Through these experiences biology students develop the ability to:

  • Apply principles of research design and ethical conduct of research
  • Design and carry out a feasible scientific research plan
  • Perform appropriate statistical analyses
  • Synthesize original research and experimental data
  • Communicate research orally and in writing
  • Critically evaluate research proposals, oral and written presentations of research and scientific data

Students have the opportunity to present the results of their research at numerous venues. All senior students present at the department's Biology and Environmental Studies Research Symposium, held each semester. In addition, students have the opportunity to present at regional and national conferences including Minnesota Academy of Science and Tri-Beta National Honor Society and Sigma Zeta National Honor Society regional and national meetings.

Funded Research Opportunities

Students interested in research in environmental science or biology have the opportunity to apply for summer research funding through the biology department.

C. Weldon Jones Research Scholarships, named in honor of C. Weldon Jones, a beloved professor in the department, provide students with the opportunity to work closely with professors on intensive research projects over the summer. Weldon Jones Scholarships are awarded annually to students following a competitive proposal process.

In addition, students and faculty collaborators are invited to apply for institutional support such as the Edgren Scholars Program, a Bethel University funded program. Learn more about Bethel’s support for research on the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship website.

Other students take advantage of the opportunity to experience a large-university research environment by participating in REU programs across the country. Still others are offered summer internships in industry (both large and small companies) or at universities obtained through the professional and scientific network of collaborators of Bethel professors.


For more information on Biology and Environmental Science research opportunities, contact

Brian Hyatt
Biology Department Chair

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