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Learning about the world around us is essential to the study of literature, writing, and journalism. By experiencing the stories, traditions, and diversity of the world firsthand we grow in our understanding of others, and ourselves. This is why we place an emphasis on providing opportunities to study, live, and explore in off campus programs. Check out the programs we offer.

England Term

Every two years a group of students spends a semester traveling in Great Britain, Ireland, and France. Led by a faculty member of the Department of English, England Term emphasizes serious academic study, the building of Christian community, and experience of other cultures in ways that are not possible in on-campus programs. Students alternate between extended stays at home bases and travel throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France. Sites are chosen for their literary, historical, and cultural significance, usually including such places as Edinburgh, the Lake District, Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford, London, Dublin, and Paris. The program offers opportunities for deeper cultural contact (e.g. homestays with British and Irish families), and approximately two weeks for independent travel in Europe.

Want to learn more? Check out England Term on the International Studies website, or contact Mark Bruce at mbruce@bethel.edu.

Literature and Writing Around the Globe

In recent years the department has led January interim trips to Brazil, Japan, Egypt, and Israel to practice the art of travel writing and study other literary and cultural traditions.

Washington Journalism Center

The Washington Journalism Center is an advanced, experiential semester on Capitol Hill that will cultivate professional news skills and encourage students to think through the implications of being a Christian working in the news media in a city that is home to the powerful and the powerless. Learn more about this program on the Washington Journalism Center website.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC)

Gain experience in the film industry through internships in Hollywood, CA. Attend seminar classes on film industry operations and discuss the ethical challenges in the entertainment profession and film culture. Learn more about this program at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center website.

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