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Studying literature creates the ability to make meaningful connections between the seen and unseen through the study of metaphor and figurative language. The literature minor allows students to pursue their passion for reading and writing as they continue their studies in other areas.

Why should I study literature?

Several global crises of the 21st century have been attributed to "colossal failures of imagination.” We teach literature with a keen sense of its relevance for our world, emphasizing literary study as a discipline of the imagination that develops a/an:

  • Intellectual capacity for critical thought
  • Emotional capacity for sympathetic understanding
  • Aesthetic capacity for appreciating beauty
  • Moral capacity for ethical action
  • Creative capacity for effective communication

What can I do with this degree?

Many students pair English literature studies with majors in the humanities, social sciences, biblical and theological studies, business and economics, and many of the physical sciences as well. Students also have flexibility to explore literature from Spanish and Latin American cultures. By exploring the written word through a critical, inquisitive, and passionate lens, students gain deep thinking skills that strengthen their qualifications and make them stand out from competitors.

What skills will I develop?

  • Research and literary analysis
  • Clear and effective communication
  • Effective presentation skills
  • How to learn quickly
  • Literary study, such as contexts, critical approaches, and methods for interpretation
  • A broad understanding of the history and representative works of British and American literary traditions and those of other cultures

What unique experiences or opportunities will I have?

Delve into unique literary topics

Some of our bold, innovative courses contribute to the cosmopolitan distinction of Bethel's literature program:

  • Literatures of Faith: Christianity and Islam (on location in the Middle East)
  • World Literature (Japanese or Central and South American)
  • Literature of the Oppressed
  • Travel Writing, taught on location in Japan, Brazil, Cuba, or Australia
  • Media and Communication in Developing Countries
  • Topics in Literature Studies (i.e. "Monster Literature")

The English department also offers England Term: a semester-long study abroad opportunity for students interested in delving deeper into literature studies on location.

Gain hands-on experience

Our department offers many on-campus opportunities for students to hone their creative craft. These include:

  • The Coeval, a student-run journal published once a semester. Students can submit their fiction, non-fiction, poetry and artwork for publication in the journal, or apply to work as a journal editor
  • The Clarion, Bethel's student newspaper
  • The Colloquy, a peer-reviewed journal for student scholarship
  • The Jerry Healy Poetry Prize, awarded for our annual poetry contest

0% passing rate on the content knowledge section of Minnesota’s licensure test for teachers. A number of students have earned a perfect score.

The Clarion student newspaper won Best of Show in 2015 and 2016.

Upcoming Events

NOV 9 2017

Involving Yourself in the Publishing Process

11:15 a.m. BU Library Fireside Lounge

Celebrate the publication of Dr. Phyllis Alsdurf's newest book and discuss the process.

Student Media

The "Coeval" Undergraduate Literary and Art Magazine

The Coeval, meaning "of the same age," is Bethel's undergraduate literary and art magazine. Published each semester, the Coeval is edited by students and advised by the English department. See the archive of Coeval issues in the Digital Library

Royal Report

The Royal Report is the outlet for our Journalism students exploring writing, photography, and video content. The Medium site features students' story assignments and captivating images. The Royal Report Youtube channel features short vignettes and stories that provide a deeper look into the people and issues at Bethel. 

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