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CWILT takes a modular approach to general education. There are 5 courses, each covering a different area of study:

  • Creative Arts (GES125; ICA)
  • Western Culture (GES130; CWC)
  • Inquiry Seminar (GES160; IQ)
  • L course (your choice of a Contemporary Western Life and Thought course)
  • Theology (THE201; Christian Theology)

These 5 courses provide students with a liberal arts foundation while preparing them to succeed in college and throughout their lives.

In CWILT, you have the flexibility to customize your general education experience. Each course is an individual entity, so you have the opportunity to learn from a variety of professors in their areas of expertise, take courses with different groups of peers, and complete the requirements as they best fit into your schedule.

Each course is focused on a single area of study, whether that means exploring Christianity's role in Western Civilization in Christianity and Western Culture, learning to write academic papers and make presentations in Inquiry Seminar, music, theatre and art, Introduction to the Creative Arts, or studying the foundations of Christian faith in Christian Theology. You get to choose your Contemporary Western Life and Thought (L) course, so you can focus on aspects of modern American life that most interest you.

Sound like your style of learning? CWILT might be the right choice for you.

A Typical Week in CWILT

In CWILT, there is no typical week. Each course is one semester, meaning there will be a good deal of variety from semester to semester. Learn about some of the things you'll study in CWILT courses.

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In your freshman registration materials, you should indicate your preference for the CWILT option. CWILT is entirely self-selecting. There is no admissions process.


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