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Information technology is about more than software and systems. It's about harnessing the power of innovation.

The digital health pathway prepares graduates to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues. Through early exposure to real-life work environments, individual career counseling, and internships with corporate partners, you’ll get a tailored educational experience aimed at custom-fitting you with a job you’ll love. 

Why join the pathway?

  • Practical courses. You’ll handle real case materials from partner companies in the Twin Cities, gaining sector-specific knowledge by researching the intersection of computer science and healthcare.

  • Career-focused support. You’ll receive special support from Bethel’s Career and Calling team to assess your employment goals and prepare for a seamless transition to the workplace. 

  • Real-world experience. You’ll have the opportunity to apply for a paid internship at one of our partner companies starting after your sophomore year. By senior year, you’ll spend 15-30 hours per week at your internship location, gaining hands-on experience that will help you excel in a fast-paced, innovative industry.

Program structure

Freshman year

  • Get to know professors and other computer science students through pathway events and activities.
  • Start networking with our partner companies during pathway "Lunch and Learns" fall semester.
  • Find out what a career in computer science looks like by touring leading healthcare companies in the Twin Cities.

Sophomore year

  • Get your hands dirty with real coding and participate in a Hackathon at one of our partner companies.
  • Begin working with the Office of Career Development and Calling to map out your path to employment.
  • Commit to formal participation in the digital health pathway by the end of the academic year.

Junior and senior year

  • Complete a month-long January internship at a business in the Twin Cities or abroad. 
  • Continue getting hands-on experience in a second paid internship (expect to spend 15-30 hours per week at your site).

How to qualify

All digital health pathway students must maintain the following:

  • Major in computer science
  • GPA of 3.3
  • Continued recommendation by computer science faculty

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