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How it Works

We don’t stop at giving you incredible experiences, we are committed to helping you communicate them. Following the R.E.A.L. Experience will prepare you to tell your best story.


Plan and Prepare

Consider the experiences you want to have in the first year, throughout your college experience, and after graduation. Map the skills that employers are looking for in your desired field with a personal action plan.



Take part in applied learning experiences and skill development through countless hands-on opportunities:

  • Coursework, labs, and case studies
  • Undergraduate research
  • Student activities and leadership roles
  • Athletics
  • Internships and jobs
  • Study abroad, mission trips and service projects

Reflect and Record

Use the tools we’ve developed to record the skills you’ve developed and the applied learning you’ve experienced. Update your portfolio with examples of your work that demonstrate your abilities.



Communicate what you’ve learned and share how prepared you are for future work and service.