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Zoe Vermeer

Student Body President

Taji Onesirosan

Student Body Vice President

Marketing and Communications

Clara Espe

Executive Director of Communications and Marketing

Toey Lidstone

Director of Specialty Media

Alex Mason

Director of Graphic Design

Mara Woetzel

Director of Web Operations


Aaron Meissner

Financial Officer

Clubs and Organizations

Kelsey Spies

Executive Director of Clubs and Organizations

Student Activities

Ashley Connolly

Executive Director of Student Activities

Andrea Wageman

Director of Banquets and Dances

Ben Shiffer

Director of Special Productions

Caleb Peterson

Director of Seasonal Events

Courtney Peterson

Director of Artistic Productions

Emma Bosch

Director of Marketing

Noah Fedje

Director of Legacy Events


Sterling Harer

Executive Director of Student Senate

Tyler Martens

President Pro Temp

Student Leadership

David Crane

Executive Director of Student Leadership

Madeline Koengeter

Director of Student Leadership

Student Ministries

Matt Velasco

Executive Director of Student Ministries

Hannah Quinn

Director of Student Ministries

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