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About Student Senate


Bethel Student Senate is the legislative branch of The Bethel Student Government. We seek to assure that all voices and concerns are heard and well represented in order that we may develop Bethel’s campus life in a holistic way and reach the diverse needs of the student body. 

Senate Accomplishments

  • Funded the Legacy Patio in partnership with Facilities Management
  • Valentine Patio
  • Sponsors Swingin’ on the Egg and Swingin’ on the Lake
  • Hosts the freshman class party and upperclassman class party
  • Funds Student Theater Ticket Reimbursement Program
  • Initiates and funds dorm improvements such as pool tables, broomball sticks, couches, and other recreational equipment

Key Responsibilities of Senators

Student Senate is comprised of six senators from each class that meet Monday nights at 7 p.m. in BC468.

  • Maintain close contact with their constituents (class)
  • Seeks to address issues concerning the student body
  • Writes bills and resolutions as needed
  • Votes to approve/reject bills and resolutions
  • Provides awareness of legislation to the student body
  • Ensure the BSG Constitution and Senate by-laws are upheld
  • Serves on one Senate committee


  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior election occurs in the Spring before the upcoming school year
  • Freshman election occurs at the beginning of the school year

Vote for Freshman Senators

Questions? Contact the Executive Chair of Student Senate! bsg-student-senate@bethel.edu