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Meaningful ministry and personal transformation alongside a local Jamaican church.


March 14-22, 2015


This Bethel team will fly into Montego Bay and serve a local church outside the city.

The Experience

The home of jerk chicken, the world's fastest sprinters and reggae music welcomes our team to serve God in a tropical island setting! Our Jamaica team will partner with a local church led by Jamaican Christians, which means your mission team will work with people who are invested in the community. 

Praying Pelican Missions - our connecting agency - will work with our final team to help us find the best local church to be our partner--based in part on the gifts and interests of the Bethel team. The possible ministry activities could range from teaching, preaching, sports or construction. This Jamaica trip will offer numerous opportunities our team to meet practical needs, exercise compassion and share the Good News while being stretched spiritually.

Our Ministry Partner

Praying Pelican Missions is a leader in short-term missions to Jamaica.

Who Should Participate

This trip is ideally suited for students with a desire for highly-relational ministry. Strong communication skills are needed as well as flexibility in expectations day-to-day. Students must be ready for physical and spiritual rigor, and expect personal and spiritual transformation as they invest more of themselves in this endeavor.

Trip costs

This team of 20 students has a team fundraising goal of $35,700 (which works out to about $1800 per person). Fundraising will be a major part of the year for this team--which will tremendously help the financial bottom line!

Next Steps

Pray, learn, ask questions, and consider completing the application!

Interviews are conducted in October of every year for the following spring.

Questions? Contact Matt Runion at runmat@bethel.edu.

How to Apply

Applications are due on November 1, 2014. Please contact Matt Runion at runmat@bethel.edu with any questions.