Preaching Teams

At Bethel, our dynamic preaching team is passionate about bringing meaningful, relevant messages to our community. We also invite guest preachers to share challenging messages about the issues they face and how God shows up in their work and ministry.

Bethel Preaching Team

Our dean of campus ministries serves as the primary preaching voice at Chapel, with other Bethel campus pastors serving as a part of our preaching team.

Each member of our preaching team has earned a master's degree and is committed to the scriptures. We believe that we're here, and called by God, to help our community be transformed by the Gospel message.

Beyond preaching, we want to serve Bethel students however we can. We're available to counsel and pray with students as they experience struggles. We're also here to cheer them on and celebrate their successes.

Guest Teaching Team for 2013-14

  • Chris Brooks, North Central University
  • Heather Flies, Junior High Pastor, Wooddale Church

Our preaching team shares the pulpit with women and men of God who are seasoned, sought after communicators serving ministries in the Twin Cities area and beyond.

We don't look to bring in the most popular or most published, but those who will work with us to bolster faith, challenge culture, and prepare students to bring light to a world in need.

Many are alumni of Bethel or are deeply invested in our community. And they're passionate about helping college students discern their calling and live as adventurous Christ-followers out in the world.

Upcoming Speakers

Check the Chapel schedule to see the lineup of speakers for our current series.