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We know that most of our students wonder if they can afford a college education.

So here we offer you some facts about financial aid at Bethel to show you that aid is available and that the majority of Bethel students receive aid to make college work.

Last year, Bethel gave out more than $33 million in institutional grants and scholarships.

The majority of Bethel students need financial aid to help pay the bill. And we have financial aid counselors here to help you decide if you can afford Bethel.

Get an estimateto take a quick look at your potential aid.

7 out of 10 accepted students who apply for financial aid enroll at Bethel.

Are you wondering if you can afford Bethel? Apply for financial aid-most students who apply enroll. We're committed to giving you the best possible aid package based on your financial needs.

Bethel tuition is among the lowest of 17 schools in the Minnesota Private College Council.

We try our best to be good stewards of our resources-striving to contain tuition costs as much as possible.

62% of Bethel students graduate in 4 years.

In fact, it takes 6 years for the majority of state college students to finish. That means Bethel students are finishing 2 years earlier and have 2 more years of earning power.

98% of all classes have fewer than 50 students.

And 79% have fewer than 30. At Bethel, we believe that students should get what they pay for. Your professors will know you by name and what you're passionate about.