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If you live on campus each year, your rates will never go up. You are guaranteed this rate for four years as long as you remain continuously in campus housing (study abroad semester is an exception).

Housing Costs for 2018–2019

There is no increase to the housing rate next year.   

  • First year in housing - $2915/semester
  • Second consecutive year in housing - $2915/semester
  • Third consecutive year in housing - $2850/semester
  • Fourth consecutive year in housing - $2795/semester

Frozen housing rate is guaranteed for the next four years. If you spend a year living off campus and then sign up for Bethel housing, you'll be charged the new student rate. Study abroad is an exception.

Interested in summer housing? See the summer housing costs.

Cancellation Fees:

  • $100 Cancellation Fee if cancelled before June 1 for the Fall/full-year Agreement.  
  • $200 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after June 1 for the Fall/full year Agreement.  
  • $300 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after July 15 for the Fall/full year Agreement. 
  • $150 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after December 1 to cancel the Interim/remainder of the year portion of the Agreement.
  • $150 Cancellation Fee if cancelled after January 1 to cancel the Spring portion of the Agreement