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Being an Assistant Resident Director


The assistant resident director (ARD) is a 20-hour per week position. Each residence hall/area on campus will have an ARD. The ARD lives and works in the hall for which he/she is hired. The position is designed to provide a paraprofessional opportunity in residence life, higher education, and relational ministry. The assistant resident director assists the resident director (RD) with spiritual development, leadership development, office assistance, and operations in the residence hall.

Time Commitment

The start date for the assistant resident director position is August 13, 2019, (move-in date) and the position will end on May 26, 2020. ARDs are allowed 10–15 hours of additional commitments, which need to be approved by the hiring resident director. Extracurricular activities, jobs, internships, service learning, and ministry commitments would fall into this category.

Minimum Requirements

The assistant resident director must be a full-time, degree-seeking student in an undergraduate program at Bethel University; at least one year of experience as a resident assistant is preferred, but not required. Applicants must be able to commit to a full year (9 months) and display evidence of strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


ARDs are expected to attend a team development day specified in the ARD contract. ARDs must also attend the student leadership retreat, August RA training, and Welcome Week. Additionally, ARDs will participate in monthly leadership training, a staff retreat, and the annual regional ACSD leadership conference.


Assistant resident directors must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.


ARD compensation is posted to student accounts through the financial aid process. Total compensation offered will be $8,300 for the 2019–2020 academic year. Half of the annual rate will be posted at the beginning of the fall semester and half will be posted at the beginning of the spring semester. Since ARD compensation will be part of the financial aid package, it will affect the amount or types of loans students may borrow. ARD compensation should not affect the amount of grants or scholarships students receive; check with the financial aid office if the sum of your grants and scholarships exceeds the cost of tuition to discuss the impact ARD compensation will have on your financial aid. The ARD will be responsible for costs of a residence hall room and must sign a lease with the Bethel University housing office.

The assistant resident director role is a 20–hour/week position. The ARD position offers increased responsibilities to provide additional experience in the field of residence life. The following represents a breakdown of the primary responsibilities of the ARD role.

Percentage of Time

Primary Responsibilities

25% Support to RD: Communicates and meets regularly with RD. Takes on leadership responsibilities to support the RD which may include: leading RA committees, coordinating programming, advising Res Council, leading meetings, or administrative projects.
25% Support to RAs: Advises RAs as directed by RD. Visible and available to RAs. Offers continued encouragement, support, and guidance to RAs. Motivates RAs to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities. Assists with RA training and selection, both centrally and in-hall. May serve on duty rotation with staff.
20% Meetings: Attends and sometimes leads staff meetings, individual meetings with RAs, staff chapel, and participates in a Residence Life committee.
20% Administrative: Assists with facilities needs, work requests, and reimbursements. Helps oversee shack and office areas. Helps manage residence hall operations.
10% Other Projects: Completes and assists the RD with other tasks as assigned.
NA Role Model and Leadership: Demonstrates a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Holds staff accountable to the Covenant and job responsibilities. As a visible leadership position on campus, it is of high importance that ARDs abide by Bethel policies and support the Covenant for Life Together.