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Apply for housing, find your roommates, and then get ready to pick out your room during room draw. Not sure where to live? Check out our residence halls for room options.

Room Draw Process

  1. Submit your housing application.


    Any time after February 6. Complete your application by February 23 at 1 p.m. to get a priority room draw number.


    Apply online through Blink (Student Services tab > Housing channel > Apply for Housing).

  2. Choose your roommates.

    When and How?

    Second Year/Sophomore Students: February 23 (after 6 p.m.) - February 28 (closes at 8 a.m. on February 28)

    Upperclass Students: February 23 (after 6 p.m.) - March 2 (closes at 8 a.m. on March 2)

  3. Pick your room during room draw

    When and how?

    We'll send you an email with your group's room draw time. But here's when room draws start:

    Second Year/Sophomore Students

    Upperclass Students

What are meal plan requirements for each hall?

A meal plan is required for all students with housing in Bodien, Edgren, Getsch, Nelson, Lissner, Arden Village, and Heritage.

A meal plan is optional for students with housing in North Waters and North Woods apartments. These apartments are equipped with full kitchens.


Check out our frequently asked housing questions, contact us at residence-life@bethel.edu or call 651.638.6300. Our team will be available in the Student Life office during room draw nights. If you have questions, please come to the office.