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Adam Dvorak

Bodien Hall—Resident Director


Residence Hall

Bodien Hall


B.A. Biblical and Theological Studies/History, Bethel University

Why I Love Bodien

Bodien is such an energetic space filled with tradition and pride. Students living in Bodien are so willing to participate in planned events, random activities, and conversation - there is never a dull moment.

Best Thing About My Job

I have the privilege of knowing students. I get to know them as they experience fun, navigate relationships with others, feel challenged by their classes, and process difficult life situations. To be able to walk alongside them during such formative years is an amazing opportunity.

Number One Reason to Live on Campus

You get to dwell in the midst of everything Bethel has to offer. The entire campus is easily accessible, you are always nearby and able to engage in activities, and you get to grow into an independent adult alongside hundreds of your peers. It is an experience that you will likely not have the chance to have again after college.

Favorite Bethel Tradition

Intramural Broomball. It is cold, the competition is fierce, and you get to play with your friends - it is the best way to spend a winter night.