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Asa Tessness

Arden Village - Resident Director


Residence Hall

Arden Village


B.A. Missional Ministries, Bethel University

Why I Love Arden Village

I love Arden Village because it has such a great energy and community! It's right in the middle of campus and so close to all of the activities the university has to offer. Arden Village is great because for most students it's the first chance for them to experience life in an apartment with many of their friends! The second-year experience at Bethel is such an important one, and Arden Village is the perfect place to get that experience.

Best Thing About My Job

I get to live life with the Arden Village students! I get to walk alongside them through the celebrations and the disappointments, which is an incredible honor. I love being able to work with second-year students as they figure out plans for their future and who they are going to be. 

Number One Reason To Live On Campus

The community that you are able to be a part of when living on campus is like no other, and I can tell you that from experience. Living on campus puts you right in the middle of what is going on at Bethel, and the Res Life team is committed to creating space and opportunity for people to feel like this isn't just a place they live, but this is home.

Favorite Bethel Tradition

I love the Men's Dance competition during homecoming week! So much fun and so much bonding happens when a bunch of guys try to choreograph a dance and put it on for hundreds of people! Totally hilarious!