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Kristi Murchie

Lissner Hall—Resident Director


Residence Hall

Lissner Hall


B.A. Spanish, Bethel University

Why I Love Lissner

Lissner is the newest residence hall on campus and literally has it all. I love the workout facility, the large kitchens, the study rooms, prayer rooms, and the incredible wooded landscape that surrounds us.

Best Thing About My Job

It’s an absolute privilege to live alongside and “do life” with students. I get to see the ways that God is moving in and through the cracks of our lives. I love that I get to support and challenge students to live fully as God has created them to be.

Number One Reason to Live on Campus

I believe that the space created for intentional community holds such promise and hope. Though living in community is messy at best, this is where I believe that true living and transformation begins.

Favorite Bethel Tradition

Broomball. It’s by far the highlight of my winter season, and it was what originally drew me to Bethel when I visited my senior year of high school. I didn’t know that winter could be so fun!