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PEP is a pre-Welcome Week program for students of color at Bethel.

It starts the Monday before Welcome Week so you can come early and get settled into life on campus. You can find out more information on the PEP schedule.

During PEP, you will:

  • Get to know returning Bethel students, faculty, and staff
  • Participate in fun, collaborative learning experiences
  • Receive resources to help you navigate campus life

What will I do during PEP?

Throughout the three-day program, students get to know returning Bethel students, faculty, and staff; participate in fun, collaborative learning experiences; and receive invaluable resources that will help them navigate campus life.

Who is PEP for?

PEP is designed specifically for racially underrepresented students. 

Does this promote segregation?

The practice of segregation is a means to separate and de-value others. Conversely, PEP is a pre-Welcome Week program that exists to honor the unique cultural realities of underrepresented students while encouraging them to embrace their larger campus community as well.

Does it cost to participate in PEP?

No. Participation is free, but space is limited.

Does PEP replace Welcome Week?

No. PEP is a pre-Welcome Week program whose content is uniquely designed and does not duplicate Welcome Week efforts. PEP participants transition directly from the program into Welcome Week.

Can my family participate in PEP with me?

Families are more than welcome to join you during the first half of the opening day (Monday) of PEP including a family and faculty luncheon (free of charge). Make sure you indicate who is coming with you when you sign up. Check the parent schedule for details about the luncheon as well as other ways to engage during Welcome Week.

What if I am an athlete or a commuter? Can I still participate?

Athletes should consult with their coach to see if PEP fits with the team schedule.

Commuters are certainly welcome to participate in PEP: however, commuters are responsible for making their own arrangements to and from campus each day of the program.

When do I have to make a decision about PEP?

The deadline for PEP registration is mid-July. You will receive email communication with the exact date.

How do I sign up?

Registration will open in late June. An email will be sent to your Bethel account in June with access to the online registration form.

I’m a commuter student. Can I still participate in PEP?

Yes. Check the commuter box when registering online so that on-campus arrangements can be made for you during PEP. 

I am an adult student, is PEP for me?

Adult learners are a valuable part of our community and are welcome to join us for PEP; however, there are a number of sessions that would be more relevant than others. Please take note of sessions in red. Those are especially appropriate for adult students.