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Saturday, August 21

12-2 p.m. New Student and Family Check-In: Visit the check-in station between Edgren and Bodien Residence Halls to pick up your keys and move in. Your family members will check in too!
South Residence Circle (midway between the east and west entrances of campus)
3-5 p.m. NCAA/Medical Eligibility Meeting
Clauson Center (CC) 312
6 p.m. Dinner
Monson Dining Center - Brushaber Commons (BC) Level 3

Cross country is an NCAA intercollegiate team.

Only invited athletes who have been in contact with Head Coach Joe Stephens may move in with this group.

Athletes will receive the remainder of the team schedule from their coach.

Parents and families are encouraged to refer to the parent and family schedule and return to campus on August 26-27.