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Friday, August 14

1-3 p.m. New Student and Family Check-In: Check in and pick up your keys. Your family members check in too! Then head to your residence hall to unpack and move in.
Student Life Office - Brushaber Commons (BC) 252
4-5 p.m. Parent/Guardian Meeting
Hagstrom Center (HC) 112
5-6 p.m. Dinner with Team
Hagstrom Center (HC) 112
6-8 p.m. NCAA/Medical Eligibility Meeting
Hagstrom Center (HC) 113








Women's golf is an NCAA intercollegiate team.

Only invited athletes who have been in contact with Head Coach Trent Anderson may move in with this group.

Athletes will receive the remainder of the team schedule from their coach.

Parents/guardians and families are encouraged to return to campus on August 27-28 and refer to the main student arrival schedule and the parent and family schedule.