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Coordinator Tactical Application

Being a Welcome Week Coordinator requires independent and interdependent thinking. At times, you must proceed with little direction and make tough decisions on your own. Other times, you must work with several different people to make decisions both large and small. This requires a delicate balance of seeking your own answers and knowing when to ask for more information or help.

Below you will see a list of “challenges” that we would like you to complete as part of your application process. You must complete as many of these as possible before your individual interview. Like WW, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything you need to get done. It is up to you to decide which items are the most important to complete, and to the degree of “excellence” you complete them.

Come to your interview with answers/notes to the following.

You must complete one (1) of the following from EACH category and come prepared to discuss it at your interview.


  • Find Avis Soderstrom and ask the following;

    • What is your role with Welcome Week?

    • What is your advice for a WW Coordinator when it comes to improving the program?

    • What makes for a good WW team?


  • Make a plan to hire 80 WW’ers.

    • Include activities you may have them do to evaluate their fit on a team.

    • Include questions you would ask to evaluate them (and why).

    • Include the basis for making your hiring decisions (and why).

  • Plan our staff leadership retreat. This must include...

    • An overnight location large enough for 12 people, consider combining with Spring Welcome Weekend.

    • No more than 90 minutes from campus.

    • You have a budget of $500 to spend on food, transportation and lodging.

    1. A rough outline of the weekend (think 24-36 hours).

  • Create an outline for staff training.

    • What will help prepare our staff to be more effective at transitioning students into Bethel?

    • This is the training that will happen during WW.

    • What activities, speakers, etc will you plan?


  • A WW comes to you with information about behavior they have been involved in that violates the covenant. How might you respond?

  • How would you improve communication with the WW staff about what to expect during WW?

  • How would you hold your committee heads responsible for completing all of their tasks?