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Phase 1: Strategy Development

Onsite Stakeholder Interviews: April 14-16

Members of the mStoner team were on campus April 14-16 to conduct intake meetings with stakeholders from across the University. Following is a list of representatives that were invited to participate in 45 minute interviews.  While our list was extensive, we realize that not everyone received an invitation to participate in one of the intake sessions.  Therefore, we also offered a 2-hour Q&A opportunity on April 16 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. open to the entire Bethel Community.  And, for those unable to attend the mid-April meetings, we offered an online survey.  We appreciate everyone's input and participation!

Acting Provost/Academic Deans/Associate Deans

Deb Harless, Acting Provost (CAS/CAPS/GS)
Dave Ridder, Dean (BSSP)
Douglas Fombelle, Dean and Executive Officer (BSOE)
John Lillis, Dean and Executive Officer (BSSD)
Carl Polding, VP and Dean (CAPS/GS)
Barret Fisher, Assoc. Dean of Arts and Humanities (CAS)
Jeff Port, Acting Assoc. Dean of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (CAS)
Joel Frederickson, Acting Assoc. Dean of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation
Kathy Nevins, Acting Assoc. Dean for Faculty (CAS)
Deb Sullivan-Trainor, Assoc. Dean of General Education and Faculty Develpment (CAS)
Vincent Peters, Associate Dean of Off-Campus Programs (CAS)

Admissions/Enrollment/Financial Aid

Dan Nelson, VP for Admissions, Financial Aid and Retention
Jeff Olson, Director of Financial Aid
Lisa Carlson, Financial Aid Systems Analyst
Joseph Dworak, Trans Regional Director of Seminary Admissions
Mike Price, Director of Admissions for CAPS and GS
Jay Fedje, Director of Admissions for CAS

Campus Ministries

Laurel Bunker, Dean of Campus Ministries/Campus Pastor
Matthew Runion, Associate Campus Pastor
Ross Manders, Assistant Campus Pastor
Leslie O'Brien, Administrative Assistant
Tanden Brekke, Assistant Campus Pastor
Curtis Hunt, Worship Pastor
Chris LaRue, Coordinator of Chapel Worship

CAPS Students


CAS Faculty/Chairs

Wayne Roosa, Professor/Department Chair (Art)
Michael Dreher, Professor/Department Chair (Communication Studies)
GW Carlson, Professor/Department Chair (History)
Jon Veenker, Professor/Department Chair (Music)
Raymond VanArragon, Assoc. Professor/Department Chair (Philosophy)
Meg Zauner, Assoc. Professor/Department Chair (Theater)
Curtis DeYoung, Professor/Department Chair (Anthropology/Sociology)
Harley Schreck, Professor/Department Chair (Anthropology/Sociology)
Stacey Hunter-Hecht, Professor/Department Chair (Political Science)
Kenneth Peterson, Professor/Department Chair (Biological Sciences)
Brian Turnquist, Professor/Department Chair (Mathmatics/Computer Science)
Brian Beecken, Professor/Department Chair (Physics)
Chuck Hannema, Professor/Department Chair (Business and Economics)
Bethany Opsata, Professor/Department Chair (Business and Economics)
Neal Dutton, Professor/Department Chair (Health and Physical Education)
Sandra Peterson, Professor/Department Chair (Nursing)
Susan Brooks, Professor/Department Chair (English)
Michael Holmes, Professor/Department Chair (Biblical and Theological Studies)
Barret Fischer, Professor/Department Chair (Modern World Languages)
Joel Frederickson, Professor/Department Chair (Psychology)
Sandy Traudt, Professor/Department Chair (Social Work)
Louise Wilson, Professor/Department Chair (Education)

CAS Students


Communications and Marketing

Sherie Lindvall, Sr. VP of Communications and Marketing
Amanda Wanke, Director of Media & Internal Communication
Holly Donato, Director of Publications
Woody Dahlberg, Director of Visual Communications
Tom Vukelich, Associate Director-Graphic Design/Client Services
Jenna Bolmgren, Graphic Designer
Darin Jones, Graphic Designer
Cheryl Brunkow, Graphic Designer

Constituent Relations

Ralph Gustafson, VP of Constituent Relations
Kara Swanson, Director of Alumni and Parent Services
Sheri Anderstrom, Manager of Constituent Relations Events
Debbie Espeland, Reunion and Alumni Chapter Coordinator
Linda Dalum, Data Integrity Coordinator
MaryKay Bursaw, Administrative Assistant


Bruce Anderson, Vice President for Development
Gary Seaberg, Programmer Analyst
Dan Wiersum, Associate Vice President for Development and Planned Giving
Laura Hainlen, Director of Development Services & Research
Bobbie Ericson, Manager of Donor Communications
Chad Boysen, Manager of Development Phonathons
Chris Nelson, Manager of Development Strategic Initiatives
Heather Johnson, Communications Specialist

Diversity and BARRC

Leon Rodrigues, Chief Diversity Officer
Leo Gabriel, Associate Professor of Business (CAS)

Human Resources

Bill Goodman, Director of Human Resources
SueLynn Junkert, Training, Rewards & Compensation Specialist

Library/IC Staff

Carole Cragg, Assistant Director Reference/Instruction
Jill Gerriets, Reference/Instruction
Bob Kistler, Faculty Instructional Technology Consultant
Lyndi Finifrock, Reference Librarian
Ann Gannon, Administrative Assistant
Lucie Johnson, Professor
De Zhang, Faculty Instructional Technology Consultant
Matthew Putz, Faculty Instructional Technology Consultant

Provost/Academic Deans/Associate Deans

Deb Harless, Acting Provost CAS/CAPS/GS
Dave Ridder, Acting Dean BSSP
Carl Polding, Dean CAPS/GS
Barret Fisher, Associate Dean of Arts & Humanities
Joel Frederickson, Professor/Acting Associate Dean/Dept Chair
Kathleen Nevins, Professor/Acting Associate Dean
Bruce Olsen, Professor, Acting Associate Dean
Jeff Port, Associate Professor, Acting Associate Dean
Ruben Rivera, Assistant Professor
Deb-Sullivan Trainor, Acting Dean Academic Programs and Faculty Development
Lori Jass, Associate Dean Academic Affairs CAPS/GS
Katrina Chapman, Registrar

SEM Faculty

Natalie Hendrickson, Director of Supervised Ministry and Student Assessment (BSSD)
Jeremy Labosier, Associate Professor (BSOE)
Douglas Fombelle, Dean and Executive Officer (BSOE)
Chris Armstrong, Associate Professor (BSSP)
Wilbur Stone, Associate Professor (BSSP)
Paul Ferris, Professor (BSSP)
Dan Gurtner, Assistant Professor (BSSP)

SEM Students


Steering Committee

Sherie Lindvall, Sr. VP Communications & Marketing
Bill Doyle, VP ITS
Deb Harless, Acting Provost CAS, CAPS, GS
Rich Sherry, Executive Assistant to the President
Dan Nelson, VP for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Retention
Joe LaLuzerne, Sr. VP for Strategic Planning and Research
David Ridder, VP and Executive Director, Bethel Seminary
Kathleen McGillivray, Director of Disability Services
Michael Dreher, Chair, Dept. of Communication Studies and Director of Forensics

Student Life

Edee Schulze, VP for Student Life
James Fereira, Dean of Students
Jim Benjamin, Associate Dean for Residence Life
Nathan Freeburg, Associate Dean for Leadership Development
Kathy Scholljegerdes, Director of Career Services
Edwinna Johnson, Associate Dean for Inter-Cultural Programs and Services
Dale Eng, Sports Information Director